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TBW型卧?a href="http://iyqfan.cn/supply/16.html" target="_blank">三维透明膜盒式包装机 Technical Parameterof Model TBW Packing Machine
TBW型卧式三l?b>透明?a href="http://iyqfan.cn/bzj/" target="_blank">包装?/a>幸运飞艇预测群Q是Ҏ规则的硬U?a href="http://iyqfan.cn/supply/1.html" target="_blank">包装?/a>q行外部包装的通用讑֤。它采用透明ȝU、BOPP、PVC薄膜对外装盒q行外包装。该Zؓ机、电、气一体化相结合,通过PLC~程和h机界面控Ӟ采用伺服甉|下走膜、上托盒的包装方式,实现底面膜包装。该机操作简单易行,包装后的物品观、大方,可v到防潮、防污染Q对热敏性品无影响Q是您提高商品包装质量的理想讑֤?br /> TBW horizontal 3d transparent film packaging machine is a general equipment for outer packing of regular cardboard boxes. It USES transparent cellophane, BOPP, PVC film external packing box. The machine is integrated with the integration of machine, electricity and gas. Through PLC programming and man-machine interface control, it adopts the servo motor to remove the film and the upper bracket box, and realizes the bottom sealing membrane packing. This machine is simple and easy to operate. After packing, the articles are beautiful and generous, which can be used as moisture-proof and anti-pollution. It has no effect on heat-sensitive products, which is the ideal equipment for improving the quality of packaging.

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